Our Home Care Services include:

·         Personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting

·         Homemaking, such as home cleaning, yard work, and laundry

·         Preparing meals, cooking

·         Grocery and personal shopping

·         Health care, such as having a home health nurse come to your home

·         Escort to medical, dental, and vision appointments

·         Assist with exercising

·         Adult sitters and companions

·         Reading and writing letters; sending  and receiving e-mails





We provide care within the ICWP and CCSP programs. We provide care to veterans within the Veteran Administration program. We provide care to private disburse and health care insurance programs.  We provide care to almost any person that need in-home personal care service. 


Also, we assist clients in locating  housing for the disabled. 

(Disability Housing Specialist)


Rhema Home Care Services is an Independent Waiver Care Program (Medicaid) ICWP Provider

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